How Long Can Frozen Raw Dog Food Sit Out?

How Long Can Frozen Raw Dog Food Sit Out?

Many raw dog meals will come frozen and will have to be thawed before consumption. Raw dog food is often frozen in patty form, and they are mixed and formulated with wholesome ingredients to create easy-to-serve meals all dogs will enjoy. Veggies can be included in the recipe, and purchasing raw dog food in Toronto is generally easier and cheaper for most pet owners, as you won’t have to prep your dog’s meal yourself. 

Handling Raw Dog Food Correctly

Some pet owners are concerned about frozen raw dog food, and it’s natural to wonder whether this option is safe. After all, you want your furry friend to remain healthy and happy and want to feed them only the best foods that are available. If a frozen raw dog food is handled correctly, it is perfectly safe, and “how long can frozen raw dog food sit out?” is the most common question pet owners have.

In order to answer this question, you need to first understand the process which requires thawing. Frozen raw dog food must be thawed before serving, and this can take anywhere from 12-24 hours, although it is recommended that thawing be done in the fridge. Allowing your dog's meal to sit on your counter for a day can cause it to spoil, and if you select meals that do not include fillers or added processing (which you should!) raw recipes can spoil if not refrigerated.

15 Minutes Maximum

Thawed raw food should not be left out of your fridge for longer than 15 minutes. If your pet does not want to eat right away, you can offer them the food a little later if you place it back in your fridge. Once raw dog food has been thawed, it is good for up to three days in your fridge, and the importance of not leaving frozen raw food out of the fridge to thaw must be emphasized once again, as this will ensure your dog eats good food that is safe. Raw recipes are good in your freezer until the expiry date, and you need to be mindful of this information. Many frozen dog food products come with a one-year expiry and are specially made to preserve their freshness and integrity.

You must fill your dog’s bowl with safe and bold-flavoured recipes, and frozen dog food should be vacuum sealed in convenient pouches, as this will make it easy to serve. The dog food you serve must help your pet thrive, and the right recipes will ensure your dog has a long and healthy life.

Raw Dog Food in Toronto

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