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Tiki Cat Tiki Dog Food


The tropical allure of the Tiki Cat & Dog Collection encapsulates a medley of flavors and nutrition echoing Polynesia's vibrant islands. With a dedication to superior quality, Tiki offers grain-free, protein-rich cat food and dog food crafted from the freshest fish and meat, ensuring appeal to both feline and canine tastes. This collection unveils a diverse spectrum of flavors, ranging from North Pacific wild-caught salmon wet cat food to luau-prepared chicken dishes and sumptuous dog food recipes. Beyond mere taste, there's a commitment to sustainable sourcing and eco-friendly packaging, highlighting an environmentally-responsible ethos. This comprehensive range also extends to unique hydration boosters and treats, guaranteeing a holistic mealtime experience for pets. In the embrace of the Tiki Cat & Dog Collection, every meal transports pets to a slice of island paradise.