Raw Cat Food

Pet owners understand the importance of good food made from quality ingredients. If you are a cat owner, you have likely come across raw food discussions, and if you are curious about this topic, ARMOR THE POOCH can help!

Cats who are on a raw food diet will most likely be less hungry, so they will beg less as protein is very filling, and your cat will feel full. Ingredients in raw food are also better for your cat’s teeth as the bones in the diet keep this aspect healthy, so chomping down on the bones in a raw food diet will help prevent plaque and tartar. This means you can worry less about your cat's teeth, and raw cat food does have a number of benefits, and we can discuss these with you in more detail so that you can make an informed decision regarding what’s best for your cat.

Raw food is more natural than dry or wet cat food, so it makes sense for cats to eat such foods, which are also more digestible. We carry a variety of cat foods and genuinely care about your pet, so you can have peace of mind knowing you are providing your cat with the best.

A raw food diet can also lead to better skin and energy levels, and your cat may also experience fewer urinary problems as well. Based on these advantages, it’s certainly worth giving raw cat food a try, and you can browse through our selection of pet foods online to see the different options that are available.

If you are looking for pet food stores near me in the Toronto area, we can help and offer raw cat food options and so much more. Our products can be delivered right to your door, so contact us today!