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Woof Freeze Dried Pet Food

People understand that what they put into their body determines how they feel and live their lives. They are meticulous about their food choices, ensuring they consume wholesome and nutritious meals to maintain their well-being. Therefore, it's only fair that animals receive the same level of care. After all, they are an integral part of the family!

The New Zealand Natural Pet Food Co. was founded with the aim of providing pet parents with a convenient and safe option to feed their furry companions a complete and wholesome diet, as close to raw as possible. Their goal is to ensure that animals not only live and survive but thrive. WOOF and MEOW, the brand's dog and cat food ranges, are tailored around the daily rituals of caring for pets' bodies, skin, and overall well-being, while maintaining dietary balance.

The premium pet food range utilizes fresh whole ingredients, packed with earth-grown goodness. Manufactured in small batches in New Zealand, the brand prioritizes fair trade and local sourcing when selecting suppliers and farms across the country. From packaging to ingredient choices, everything is kept simple and easy to understand. Recipes are high in meat (protein) to provide a species-appropriate diet, without any nasties like by-products or fillers such as corn, wheat, meal, or soy. Additionally, there are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. It's simply delicious, nutritious food that pets will love!