The Very Best Diet for Cats, According to Vets

The Very Best Diet for Cats, According to Vets

Cats are known to be picky about their food, but you must provide them with the very best diet to have a long and healthy life. 

Although there is no single diet perfect for all cats, foods high in moisture and protein and low in carbohydrates are generally best for most cats. Cats require lots of animal-based protein, and there is no such thing as a vegetarian cat, so this is a vital fact pet owners must be aware of. 

When shopping for the best cat food, you have to consider your cat’s age as this is an essential factor that will affect their nutritional needs. Kittens, for example, will need additional nutrition as they are more active, and you should never feed a kitten the same food that would give to an adult cat. Nutritional requirements change over time, so age has to be factored into your decision as different life stages mean different activity levels and dietary needs. Certain cat food labels will state that the product is perfect for all stages; however, it’s best to purchase food specifically made for a particular life-stage as this will have far more benefits for your cat’s health. It would help if you looked for gimmicky labels because successful marketing terms don't mean healthy foods, so read the labels and ingredients carefully. 

Wet food is generally a better option for cats and is known to meet their nutritional needs better than dry foods, although this is only true if the wet food you are serving is of very high quality. It’s also essential that you clean your cat's bowl thoroughly between their feedings to prevent the harboring of bacteria, which can make your cat very sick. Cats are carnivores and require high levels of animal-based proteins in their daily diet. Grains and carbohydrates should be included minimally in your cat’s diet as a source of energy because these are filler ingredients that don't serve any nutritional purpose. Excessive amounts of grains in your cat's diet can lead to malnutrition, organ issues, and obesity, so they should be avoided. 

In addition to the right foods, you also have to pay attention to when and how you feed your cat, as this too will affect their diet. You have to know how much food to feed your cat and must set quantities because free feeding can lead to obesity and severe health issues, so this is something you must avoid. Feeding times must also be set daily to prevent excessive weight gain, diabetes, and joint disease. You should also be careful with treats that should only be given sparingly as they contain many calories. 

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