12 Signs Your Cat Is Healthy And Happy

12 Signs Your Cat Is Healthy And Happy

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Cats are living creatures with complex and sometimes mysterious needs. They need the right food, water, shelter, and attention to stay healthy. But what should you do if your cat isn't doing well? How can you tell if your cat is healthy? Just like humans, cats show different signs that mean your cat is healthy. We'll explore some of the signs that show about the health of your kitty.

12 Signs Your Cat Is Healthy And Happy

1. Lifted tail

Cats have lifted tails for a reason. It is because it will help them to show their emotions in the best way possible. They are happy when they raise their tail, so if you see your cat lifting her tail, be sure that she is very content with something right now and in her best health.

2. Well-groomed

A healthy cat will keep herself well-groomed. Because she loves the way, it makes her feel and look beautiful to others. A survey was conducted to find out how much time cats spent on daily grooming, and it was found the average amount of time is around 15%. So if your cat is healthy, she will be well-groomed.

3. Good digestive health

A good indicator in knowing if your cat has digestive health problems would be the consistency and smell of her poop compared to what it usually should be like due to their current dietary habits.

A cat's feces are usually firm, which is a sign of a healthy gut. Cats with high-fat diets will often produce loose stools, while cats on a low-fat or raw foods diet typically produce firmer stool with less odor than when they eat fatty food.

4. Happy eyes

A new study discovered that when cats are in good moods, their pupils can be slightly bigger. This may look like they're sad or angry, but it's the opposite: Their faces show signs of happiness and contentment.

5. Move comfortably

A healthy cat will be comfortable and relaxed. They do not seem to have a care in the world, so it is easy for us as humans to assume that they are happy or content with their lives. An unhealthy cat will not move properly. It may be lethargic and sleep a lot, or it could also appear to have trouble breathing, as respiratory problems are common in sick cats.

12 Signs Your Cat Is Healthy And Happy

6. Forward-facing ears

A healthy cat will have forward-facing ears because it has sharp hearing. Cats are usually really good at hunting prey, which helps them survive in the wild. They can hear high frequencies better than humans, and this is why their ears stand up straight when they are alert to catch sound waves coming from something that could be a threat or an animal for food. When cats fold their ears back against their heads, it signals to other animals that they are upset.

7. Healthy skin and coat

A healthy cat has a bright coat and skin because they can fight parasites, bacteria, fungi, etc. A well-nourished cat is less likely to have problems with infections or parasitic infestations that could inhibit their growth rate.

8. Playful

A healthy cat is always ready to play! Cats are like kittens forever. They love chasing and pouncing on objects, especially when they find a toy mouse or ball. You may also notice that your cuddly kitty likes jumping around the house, something you might see them do in their sleep, too, dreaming of catching a tiny red dot just out of reach.

A healthy cat also loves playing with toys because cats have an instinctual need for prey-seeking behavior known as "hunting," which stems from being carnivorous animals by nature who hunts mice and other small mammals within their natural habitats.

9. Good appetite

A healthy cat is eager to eat food. If a pet does not have an appetite, it might show signs of illness or disease that need immediate medical attention. A cat is also eager to eat because she senses that it will help them maintain their health. They know they need nourishment to stay active and healthy for longer periods, making eating appealing even when there isn't much else going on or anything exciting happening around them.


12 Signs Your Cat Is Healthy And Happy

10. Sleep a lot

There are so many reasons cats sleep a lot, but it mainly has to do with their health. A healthy cat will sleep a lot because they have energy for hunting and being active when necessary. The average healthy cats sleep about 16 to 20 hours a day. They spend 70% of their lives sleeping, which indicates that they are not as active and alert compared to other animals such as dogs or horses, where the percentage is between 50-60%.

11. Purr a lot

A cat's purr is a sign that the animal feels good. When cats are sick or injured, they may not be able to do this since it takes extra energy and effort to create these sounds. Experts in multiple studies have debated the reason why healthy cats can purr loudly, but no one has come up with an answer so far, at least none proven scientifically yet.

12. Communicate with you

A healthy cat will use her meow to communicate with the owner. She may also rub up against your legs, purr loudly when being petted, sit on your lap while you are reading a book, and more. Cats also use their body language to communicate. One way they do this is by having a tail that's puffed up or swishing back and forth on the ground. The ears also show how a kitty feels about her environment.


It's important to know if your cat is healthy so you can make sure they are getting the right food and medications. If you notice any changes in their behavior, eating habits, or litter box usage it may be time for a vet visit. The signs mentioned above will help you in knowing that your kitty is healthy.