Totol - Original Tofu Cat Litter

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Size: 1 bag (8L)
1 bag (8L)
2 bags (8L/bag)
5 bags (8L/bag)


For All Life Stage Cats

This extraordinary blend is made from 100% nature bean dregs (the by-products of tofu) making it eco-friendly and organic.

Key Factors Exclusive to Totol

  • Can also be used by rabbits or hamsters
  • A unique feature other brands do not have
  • Save on garbage bags
  • Keeps home environment clean and fresher
  • Helps the environment, creating less waste
  • Clumps in a matter of seconds
  • Holds waste keeping it at bay
  • Reduces pungent odour that lingers in the air
  • Keeps home fresher and cleaner
  • Less work for clean up
  • Reduces the number of excess particles flying around, cutting down allergens in the air
  • Made with peas and bean dregs
  • User friendly and easy to use


  • When flushing it down the toilet, the cat litter should not be excessive at once to avoid clogging.
  • Regarding the bag losing its vacuum: losing vacuum is due to the unavoidable turbulence of the transport and the collision with other packages during transportation, so it is normal. Because the vacuum packaging is for dust removal and convenient placement in the box, it has nothing to do with cat litter. So please rest assured to use it.


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