The Honest Kitchen - Instant Beef Bone Broth with Turmeric (Dog)


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Size: 1 Pack (3.5g)
1 Pack (3.5g)
12 Packs (3.5g/Pack)


For All Breeds and Life Stages

This instant Beef Bone Broth is high in protein and oh-so-satisfying to your dog's taste buds. Made with nourishing parsley, warming pumpkin, and beneficial turmeric, it's as tasty as it is versatile. Simply mix this packet with warm water to give your pet a mouthwatering drink, pour over dry food as a delicious gravy, or use it to rehydrate our dehydrated foods


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Dehydrated beef broth, dehydrated beef, dehydrated pumpkin, dried parsley, turmeric


Nutrition Info

Calories 13
% Protein 78%
% Fat 2%
% Fiber 4%
% Moisture 8%

*Per dry cup.