pidan - "Water Secret" Cooling or Warming Pet Bowl


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Double Bowl (One Size)
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With the help of water

Eat warm food on cold days. Add warm water into this bowl which lets the food heat naturally.

Eat fresh and cool food on hot days. Add cold water into this bowl which lets the food cool and keep fresh naturally.

All nutrients preserved. Changing the temperature of the food alone will not destroy any nutrients.

Through adding water, the weight of the bowl increased so that the bowl won't be easily tipped over.

No need to plug in for electricity. No additional electricity expenses. No risk of electric shock.

The SAE 304 stainless steel bowl is detachable from its base. Cleaning it is easy, and it prohibits bacterial growth.

ABS base with anti-slip stickers. Prevents the bowl from moving and protects the floor from scratches.

One body. Two bowls. Three meals. Four seasons.


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