pidan - Portable Pet Travel Bottle


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Size: Green


The pet travel water bottle lets your pet drink water conveniently when you take them outdoors.

It has a wide angle water feeding bowl that is up to 60 mm deep so it makes water drinking more enjoyable in outdoors just like how it is at home.

The water is filtered with activated carbon. It also removes chlorine and absorbs impurities. Each filter can be used for approximately 100 times, which is equivalent to 36000 ml of water. 

Tilt the water bottle at a 45° angle downwards when your pet is drinking water. This way you interact better with your pet. Also, it becomes more comfortable to hold.

The water bottle is designed to be easily operated with one hand. Lock, ready, and dispense all with one button. 

The seal of the screw cap is excellent so you do not need to worry about leaking when you put it in your bag. 



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