pidan - "Igloo" Cat Litter Box - Include Litter Scoop


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Size: White


For Cats

This award-winning pidan Igloo cat litter box is designed with cat's needs in mind. Its structure and space let cats of different ages and sizes use easily and it creates a low light, breathable and quiet environment, giving cats more privacy and security. The material used is safe and antibacterial, the cats are safeguarded in the same way that infants are safeguarded. The Igloo is also designed with your needs in mind. It largely reduces the amount of cat litter escaping the litter box, keeping your home clean and tidy. Its bottom basin ensures no dead end when scooping the cat litter. A shovel is included and it feels comfortable to hold, scooping becomes more effective. The Igloo blends into any style of home decor because of its appearance and feel. No wonder it received the 2016 Red Dot Award: Design Concept. The Igloo cat litter box is the best cat litter box ever.


    Size: 54.8*54.8*49.25cm

    Materials: Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)

    Net Weight: 3.55kg 


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