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For Cats

This pidan Cat Litter Mat is a 0.6cm thick silicone mat that is soft and comfortable to touch. The material is premium, eco-friendly, and durable that you can clean with worry-free. The surface area is 49.5cm x 34.7cm, suitable for most cat litter box. The grains are arranged in ripple and the spacing is from large to small, as a result, it traps the litter effectively. Comparing with plastic mats, silicone mats are more friendly to the floor. The mat can be rolled or spread open and does not slide. It does not take much space to store. Comparing with cloth mats, silicone mat is easier to clean. It can be folded then emptied. It does not form mold easily when it is wet. It improves your quality of life. 

Size: 7*7*38cm

Materials: Silicone

Net Weight: 0.38kg


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