LitterLocker - Litter Genie Easy Roll Pail with 4-Month Refill


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Let’s be honest: we love our cats but could live without the constant hassle and lingering smell that dealing with cat litter adds to our daily lives. Litter Genie Easy Roll offers an easy and affordable solution that provides convenience and ultimate odour control for you and your family.
Keep your Litter Genie Easy Roll pail next to your litter box and simply scoop, drop and lock away the sights and smells of soiled cat litter, thanks to our multi-layer film refills that feature odour-locking barrier technology. Did we mention the Easy Roll refills last up to 4 months? Now that’s worth meowing about.

Ultimate odour control
Our refill bags are made from multi-layer film with odour-locking barrier technology, so you’ll never have to worry about your home smelling like cat litter again!

No more daily trips to the trash
The Easy Roll pail can hold up to 8 days of soiled cat litter. You no longer have to worry about stepping out to the trash every time you scoop.

Wide disposal opening
The Easy Roll pail has a wider disposal opening, making it easier and cleaner to dispose of soiled cat litter. Plus, this helps reduce the amount of litter residue that accumulates around your litter box.


  • Ultimate odour control
  • No more daily trips to the trash
  • Holds up to 8 days of soiled litter
  • Wide pail opening for easy and clean disposal of soiled cat litter
  • Long-lasting refill can last up to 4 months
  • Bags are made from multi-layer film with odour-locking barrier technology
  • Easy tear-off bags for optimal convenience

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