Flexi - New Comfort Tape (Retractable Leash) - Light Blue


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Size: Small - 5m Tape
Small - 5m Tape
Medium - 5m Tape



The perfectly designed two-color leash is an ingenious eye-catcher any way you look at it. New Comfort gives you all the features you want for the walk you’ll love. More control through better brakes. More accessories like the LED Lighting System or the Multi Box for storing treats or waste-bag rolls. So enjoy your walk!

Comfortable braking system
Comfortable braking system

There are moments when in a split second can change everything. flexi braking systems are not only intuitive and smooth, they also react in the split of a second.

Adjustable handle
Adjustable handle

Typical flexi: This handle is not only ergonomic; it can be adjusted, so that it can be used in the winter with a glove or in summer without a glove. So, no matter what size your hands are, your best friend is always in good hands.

Tape guidance system
Tape guidance system

Thanks to the tape guidance system, which has been perfected through countless tests, the tapes can be extended in all directions without getting jammed.


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        • M: 16 ft/5 m tape leash, for dogs up to max. 55 lbs/25 kg
        • S: 16 ft/5 m tape leash, for dogs up to max. 33 lbs/15 kg