Cranimals - Gold Puppy and Cat Supplement


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Cranimals' GOLD combines the Original cranberry extract with DHA, a long chain Omega 3 fatty acid extracted from a sustainable source of microalgae. DHA Omega 3 is a natural anti-inflammatory important for neurological, skin, brain, eye, and heart health in developing puppies and kittens. The Omega 3 in Cranimals Gold is used up by animal metabolism immediately, in contrast to short chain Omega 3 acids (e.g.[ALA] Alpha Linolenic-acid found in flax oil). In fact, it may take up to 37 grams ALA's (found in flax) to make the same amount of DHA found in 1 gram of Cranimals Gold. Cranimals Gold Contains the antioxidant beta carotene - for healthy eyes, skin, membbranes and immune function; Choline - for proper cell signalling, mental acuity and joint health; and antioxidant anthocyanidins - for urinary tract health. 

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Cranberry extract powder (75%), dried seaweed meal powder


Guaranteed Analysis

Protein(Min): 16.4%
Fat(Min): 15.1%
Fiber(Max): 32%
Moisture(Max): 4.5%