Charmy - Beef Tendon (Dog Treats)


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Size: 150g


This beef tendon chews for dogs are long-lasting and tough, made for your chew lover.

All natural and made from 100% Canadian grass-fed beef. The tendon is cut into long rectangular pieces, allowing for easy control while chewing. These beef tendon chews are perfect for dogs that love to chew and are heavy chewers. Beef tendon treats for dogs can be given during mealtime or for doggy mental stimulation activities! 


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            Nothing but Grass-Fed Beef Tendon from Alberta, Canada.

            Feeding Guide

            Feed 1 to 2 chews per day.
            Ensure clean drinking water is available.
            Suitable for all life stages. Not intended to replace your dog's regular diet.

            ***(Not intended for dogs under 10lbs)***