BeOneBreed - HabikattEvo Classic & Plus Cat Tree


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Size: Classic (35"x15"x15")
Classic (35"x15"x15")
Plus (44"x23.5"x15")


Modern carpetless cat tree

  • Made of sturdy laminated wood for easy cleaning
  • Paper rope scratcher post(s)
  • Soft memory foam mat
  • With a recycled plastic cube for a cozy hiding spot


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Durable paper rope scratching post

Tall and made of dye-free natural material these scratchers are designed for optimal nail care. Protect your furniture while preserving your home decor.

Easy to clean with spare parts available

Remove the cushions for easy cleaning and use a damp cloth to keep the structure nice and clean. More cushions and toys are available for purchase!

Eco-friendly hideout

Your cat will love to hide in the recycled plastic cube and watch over the room unseen.