Canine Life - Chicken Recipe (For Dogs) - Frozen Product


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Size: 20 Pack

Please note: this item is frozen and only available for pick up or local delivery within GTA. Please check our Shipping Information page and "Delivery Zone" Tab for more details. Our delivery hours are between 10am - 10pm. 

Canine Life® understands the significance of providing natural, 100% human grade ingredients. Canine Life® does not contain preservatives, fillers, corn, soy, wheat or yeast. We’ve taken our dogs health into our own hands, and our products will help you do the same.

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Chicken, a green vegetable, an orange vegetable, red apple, egg, oil, water and a pre-mix base made of Milled whole brown rice, milled whole chick peas, milled whole oats, calcium, carob, organic alfalfa, kelp, oregano, marjoram, parsley, rosemary, ginger.

Adult dogs should be fed twice per day. Puppies should be fed three times per day, until six months of age. Simply break up the Canine Life muffin and serve. Muffins should be kept refrigerated once thawed, and will stay fresh for one week in the fridge. 

Please Note: Canine Life recommends that large breed puppies be switched to our adult hypoallergenic formulation at six months of age, to help ensure a healthy growth rate.

Adult Dogs (Twice per Day)
Weight of Dog Muffin Daily Amount
Up to 30 lbs ½ – 1 ½
31-40 lbs 1 ½  – 2  
41-50 lbs  2 ½ – 3  
51-60 lbs 3 – 4 
61-70 lbs  4 – 5  
71-80 lbs 5 – 7  
81-90 lbs 7 – 9 
91 – 100 lbs  9 – 11  
Puppies (Three times per day, up to 6 months)
Weight of Puppy Muffin Daily Amount
Up to 10 lbs    1 – 1 ½  
10 – 20 lbs 1 ½ – 2 ½ 
20 – 35 lbs 2 ½ – 5
35 – 50 lbs  5 – 7 ½ 
50 – 70 lbs 7 ½ – 10

Use the above feeding recommendations as a guideline, depending on your dog’s energy level and the amount of exercise they get, they may need more or less food. The most definitive way to tell if your dog is eating enough is by their stool. To firm means not enough, and to soft means too much.

Nutritional analysis of the Health Food Pre-Mix (% Is per 100 grams)

Crude Protein (Min.) 8.6%
Crude Fat (Min.) 2.3%
Moisture (Max.) 9.71%
Crude Fiber (Max.) 1.2%
Calories 3584 kcal/kg 

Daily nutrient value of a single baked muffin.

Protein 12.24g
Calcium .93g
Phosphorus .66g
Sodium .05g
Ash 1.9g
Crude Fiber 1.0g
Fat 9g
Calories 260
Carbohydrates 32.17g
Moisture % 15.36

Calcium/Phosphorus ratio = 1.41:1

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