Freeze-Dried Vs. Air-Dried: What's The Difference?

Freeze-Dried Vs. Air-Dried: What's The Difference?

Pet parents care a lot about the foods they feed their furry friends, and one of the most common questions pet owners have is regarding the difference between freeze-dried and air-dried foods. 

Understanding what causes foods to spoil in the first place is a great place to begin. The presence of microorganisms, like mould spores and bacteria, will cause the meat to spoil fast, and this is why people freeze or preserve food in some manner. Microorganisms cause proteins and fats to break down, after which toxins are released into the meat, and they also multiply and eventually reach levels that can cause illness or transmit disease. 

There are many different ways to preserve meat and other food ingredients in pet food production, and the most common is to cook the food at high temperatures. This method is used to create dry kibble and canned foods. Freeze-drying and air-drying are preservation methods, and both work by eliminating the moisture required for microbial growth.

Freeze Drying

During this process, raw ingredients are frozen and then placed in a strong vacuum where the temperature is slightly raised. This will cause the frozen water to sublimate, which means it will turn straight from ice into vapour and will skip the liquid phase while separating the remaining solid matter. Almost all the moisture is removed, and freeze-dried pet foods will require rehydration before serving. 

Air Drying

During this process, raw ingredients are placed into drying chambers where the air is continually circulated. This evaporates moisture slowly and gently until a maximum level is reached.

Both freeze-dried pet foods and air-dried pet food are shelf-stable and nutritious, and both will provide you with great palatability. Pet owners need to determine which option is best for their furry friend, and you should consider your lifestyle as well. Some people find air-dried pet food is easier to feed because it can be fed straight from a bag without having to add water or wait for it to be absorbed. This convenience aspect will be appreciated, although both methods are safe and hygienic, and you can depend on freeze-dried pet foods and air-dried pet foods when shopping for your dog or cat. 

If you’re having difficulty choosing between these two methods, consider your pet and any specific conditions they may have. A weakened immune system or old age may affect the method you select, and you can discuss your concerns with your veterinarian to determine if freeze-dried pet food or air-dried pet food is best. 

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