Vital Essentials (VE) - Rabbit Mini Patties Freeze-Dried Grain Free (Dog Food)


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For All Breeds and Life Stages

Lean and mean – that’s what your dog will be when you feed Freeze-Dried Rabbit Dog Food Mini Patties. Rabbit is an excellent source of B12, which helps your dog maintain energy. For those dogs with sensitive tummies or allergies caused by other proteins, this novel protein is commonly recommended by veterinarians to help with digestive issues or allergic reactions. Besides all the great health benefits, Rabbit is just simply delicious.

This is food the way nature intended. Your dog instinctively craves only real meat and that’s what our dog food contains! Vital Essentials dog food is made from real meat, organs and bone. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Does your dog struggle with poultry allergies? Rabbit Mini Nibs dog food is a single-source protein diet and is 100% complete and balanced for all life stages. Rabbit Mini Nibs support overall health and vitality, improved digestion, allergy relief, oral health and a vibrant skin and coat.


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