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Thrive - Bladder Support


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Thrive Bladder Support helps to support and maintain a healthy urinary tract and bladder function in dogs and cats.  Use bladder support in senior pets to combat incontinence.  Especially beneficial for dogs and cats prone to UTI’s, urate or struvite stones and crystals.

Thrive Bladder Support contains Organic Cranberry Extract and D-Mannose, along with 7 other herbs and nutrients to provide bladder and urinary tract support for both cats and dogs.

May help with repetitive urinary tract infection, bladder stone and crystals, incontinence and housetrain.


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    Feeding Guidelines

    Animal Type Serving Amount
    Cat 1.5g 1/2
    Toy Breed Dog (up to 10lbs) 1.5g 1/2
    Small Breed Dog (10-29lbs) 3g 1
    Medium Breed Dog (30-49lbs) 4.5g 1 1/2
    Large Breed Dog (50-79lbs) 6g 2
    Giant Breed Dog (80+ lbs) 9g 3

    Administer Orally, once per day. Can be given at meal time with food.

    Caution:  Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not yet been proven.   This supplement does not replace regular veterinarian care.

        Nutrient Facts

        Marshmallow, Horsetail, Parsley , Stinging Nettle, Cranberry , N-Acetyl-Alpha-D-Glucosamine , Mannose , Glucosamine Sulfate Potassium Chloride,  MSM , Beef Flavour , Maltodextrin , Silicon Dioxide , Tapioca Starch

        Marshmallow 50 mg / 1 scoop(s)
        Horsetail 25 mg / 1 scoop(s)
        Parsley 40 mg / 1 scoop(s)
        Stinging nettle 10 mg / 1 scoop(s)
        Cranberry 75 mg / 1 scoop(s)
        N-Acetyl-alpha-D-Glucosamine 50 mg / 1 scoop(s)
        Mannose 75 mg / 1 scoop(s)
        Glucosamine Sulfate Potassium Chloride 50 mg / 1 scoop(s)
        MSM 50 mg / 1 scoop(s)

        Inactive Ingredients: Beef Liver Flavour, Organic Tapioca, Maltrodextrin, Silicon Dioxide.

        2,35g per scoop

        1 scoop = 1 tsp