Sunday Pets - Freeze Dried Raw Food - NZ Beef (For Dogs)


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For All Life Stages

Complete & Balanced Food for Dog

Raw, gluten free, rich in protein, low in carbohydrates is said to more closely mimic their natural diet. Our special slow freeze-drying process creates a light, crisp texture that appeals to dogs, and it preserves the aroma, flavor, and nutrition of fresh food. Your pet will enjoy the delicious taste of our nature while having the nutrients it needs to strive.

Every bite is real whole food nutrition!

Made with 100% whole meat & organs, vegetables & fruits. All of our recipes are built around simple, fresh and wholesome ingredients whose nutrients and flavours stand out naturally. Our ingredients naturally provide almost every nutrient your dog needs to thrive in highly bio-available form achieved through freeze drying. Nothing unnecessary is added and nothing important is taken away.

Minimally process to safeguard more of the taste & nutrition

Sunday Pets® freeze dried food go through a unique freeze drying process that gently removes the moisture from the fresh ingredients. This process is so gentle that it retains most of its raw nutrition, locking in all the goodness. Your pet will enjoy the delicious taste of nature while having the nutrients it needs to strive.

  • Naturally high in flavour with an addictive light crispy texture
  • Retaining most of its nutrients, vitamins and minerals

Fresh Top-up™

For an extra treat, add some fresh fruits & veggies. They are even more delicious served warm, add some warm water, meat or vegetable broth and it is almost homemade.


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