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For All Life Stage Cats

pidan use food-grade bean dregs to make the tofu cat litter.

The bean dregs would end up in the landfill otherwise.

Because tofu cat litter contains no artificial additives, it is safe and reliable for your cat to use.

It is dust-free so that everyone could breathe freely. Choosing a dust-free cat litter is better for your respiratory system.

It clumps easily and quickly. The faster and easier the clump forms, the quicker and better the odor gets contained. Also, it makes cleaning the litter box more convenient. 

You have more than one way to dispose of it after use. You can choose to flush it down the toilet, throw it away as garbage, or use it as fertilizer if you think it's appropriate.


pidan made it possible by mixing tofu cat litter with a 2 mm diameter with a tofu cat litter with a 1.5 mm diameter.

Each bag contains 70% tofu cat litter with a 2 mm diameter and 30% tofu cat litter with a 1.5 mm diameter.

And the result is better than ever. 


Compared to the previous version, it absorbs liquid more complete and quicker.

It can absorb a fluid volume four times greater than itself in just two seconds.

Thus, helping you save on usage and money.


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Materials: Bean Dregs, Starch, Guar gum

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