pidan - Dog Potty Training Pad Holder


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For Cats

This pidan Snow Mountain is an open rim cat litter box that allows you to scoop out cat litter easily. The opening rim has sleek, flowing, and undulating lines like the peak of a real snow mountain. The capacity is just right for one cat. Different body sizes of cats can enter and exit freely. The infolded wall reduces the splash out of cat litter and the leakage of cat urine. With the help of IONPURE antibacterial technology of ISHIZUKA GLASS CO., LTD in Japan, this cat litter box has the highest safety and security level like the ones for babies. The vertical stripes are tilted inward to reduce the cat litter from being brought out. This cat litter box is smooth and elegant, and you can integrate it into different styles of home decor.


    Size: 45*45*30cm

    Materials: ABS plastic

    Net Weight: 1.52kg


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