pidan - "Capsule Tumber" Pet Food Dispensing Toy


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Suitable for both dog and cat! 

A great friend for your furry knight with much fun and brings snacks over.

need to go out. Sometimes your dog can't go with you. And your dog doesn't like to be alone. If you're out for too long, your dog might develop separation anxiety. Don't worry! Our dog treats dispensing capsule toy can prevent and relieve that anxiety. 

Your dog loves to play and eat. You can put treats in the capsule toy, so your dog has both at the same time. And with the small plugs included, you can control the number of snacks dispensed. Simply by selecting to be allocated on one side, both sides, or none at all.

Durability is important. With premium ABS plastic, you can be sure our dog treats dispensing capsule toy can accompany your dog for a long time.

Size: 84*84*132mm

Materials: ABS Plastic

Net Weight: 265g



  • This product is not a chew toy. Please train your dog to use it correctly.
  • Don't place it at a high spot to prevent damage from falling.
  • This product is washable. To ensure your pet's safety, when washing with a detergent, you must make sure it's rinsed clean. And when you're sure there is no residue, wipe it dry or air dry before using.
  • This product is not suitable for dishwashers, microwave ovens, etc.


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