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For Cats

This cat litter is an all-natural mineral that is refreshing and safe to use. Minerals Technologies® invented scoopable cat litter from sodium bentonite. This cat litter has sponge-like instant liquid absorption. It clumps firmly and rapidly so so liquid does not seep to the bottom, which effectively reduces the sticky underside of the cat litter box and makes scooping out easy.

Specially added activated charcoal particles to overcome odor and keep the air fresh. No artificial flavor and has a pure and natural smell so that cats can use with peace of mind. Each particles' liquid-absorbing capacity is four times its volume, saves more on usage. 2 seconds liquid absorption effectively inhibit the spread of odor.

Suitable for any litter box, especially the automatic litter box.

Size/Box: 27cm*11cm*26cm
Net Weight/Box: 6kg

Materials: Na+ Bentonite

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