pidan - Activated Charcoal Composite Tofu Cat Litter


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  • Activated carbon components absorb odor: Powerful Dust Control, Care for the Health of Cat’s Urinary System Strong Deodorization
  • 70% Tofu Cat Litter: Food-Level Raw Material of Bean Dregs、No Addition of Essence、Sponge-Like Strong Water Absorption、Lightness and No Dust
  • 30% Bentonite Cat Litter: American Minerals Technologies、High-Quality Mineral Resource、Matched with STV Particles、Firm Lock of Unpleasant Odor
  • Strong Clumping &Deodorization Performance: Small-particle bentonite fills up the gap of tofu cat litter, contributing to firm clumping.The technology of the STA blue functional particles reduces the diffusion of unpleasant odor.
  • 5-Fold Water Absorption Performance: One share of the cat litter can absorb five shares of water. An Economical Choice.All pidan cat litter products are based on vacuum package in small sizes. The regular shape facilitates the storage and stockpile.

Please Note: 

It is impossible to avoid road bumps and parcel collisions during transit, causing the packaging to lose vacuum. Don't worry, because the packaging vacuum is to remove dust, facilitate packing, and make stocking up more convenient. And it has no effects on cat litter's function. Please use it with confidence.


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