Petzlove - Ranch - Poultry Recipe for Large Breeds (Dry Dog Food) - Sample


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For Adult and Senior Large Breeds

Ranches provide ample space for your woofer to play to their content, and RANCH provides them with the energy they need to catch the next frisbee. RANCH’s special mix of proteins and fats, taken from the highest quality animal products, are catered to the needs of large dogs breeds, and after a full day of running and playing, your pet can look forward to a delicious and nutritious meal with RANCH.

Reward your dog for being a good boy with a gourmet and healthy meal made from fresh poultry, seafood, and peas.



  • Grain Free: Petzlove™ is dedicated to using the highest quality ingredients to deliver safe and delicious pet food right to your fur buddy’s bowl.
  • Canadian Local Ingredients: All the raw materials in our products are locally sourced to support Canada’s agricultural sector and sustainability initiatives.
  • Taste Tested Guaranteed: Petzlove have spent countless hours taste-testing the products with many different types of pets to ensure that not only do they enjoy what they are eating, they are also happy with what they are eating everyday!


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