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For Adult Dog

Fromm Family Gold Coast® Weight Management Food for Dogs is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for maintenance.

A grain-free ocean fish recipe for weight reduction or weight maintenance. A special blend of wild caught whitefish and salmon. This food helps control calorie intake without sacrificing other valuable nutrients. For assistance in weight management, it has been supplemented with L-carnitine.


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Whitefish, Salmon Meal, Lentils, Peas, Chickpeas, Potatoes, Pea Starch, Dried Tomato Pomace, Turkey Liver, Flaxseed, Salmon, Salmon Oil, Chicken Fat, Monocalcium Phosphate, Dried Whole Egg, Pea Fiber, Sweet Potatoes, Alfalfa Meal, Carrots, Lettuce, Celery, Calcium Sulfate, Potassium Chloride, Salt, Brewers Dried Yeast, Taurine, Chicory Root Extract, Yucca Schidigera Extract, L-Carnitine, DL-Methionine, L-Tryptophan, Sodium Selenite, Sorbic Acid (Preservative), Vitamins, Minerals, Probiotics.


Feeding Guidelines

The following are general feeding recommendations. Many factors including age, breed, activity level, and individual metabolism contribute to the need for adjusting portion sizes. Two to four times more food may be required for puppies, gestating dogs, and nursing dogs. Spayed or neutered dogs may require up to 25% less food.

The following chart provides a good place to start, but determining the correct amount of food for your pet depends upon your evaluation of your pet's overall performance on the amount of food consumed along with any treats given.

Weight Reduction

 Weight of Dog Food per Day
5lbs (2.5kg) 3/8 Cup (37g)
10lbs (4.5kg) 5/8 Cup (61g)
20lbs (9.1kg) 1 Cup (98g)
30lbs (13.6kg) 1 1/3 Cups (130g)
40lbs (18.2kg) 1 3/4 Cups (172g)
50lbs (22.7kg) 2 1/8 Cups (208g)
60lbs (27.2kg) 2 1/2 Cups (245g)
70lbs (31.8kg) 2 7/8 Cups (282g)
80lbs (36.3kg) 3 1/4 Cups (319g)
90lbs (40.8kg) 3 5/8 Cups (355g)
100lbs (45.4kg) 4 Cups (392g)
110lbs (49.9kg) 4 3/8 Cups (429g)
120lbs (54.5kg) 4 3/4 Cups (466g)
130lbs (59.0kg) 5 3/8 Cups (527g)
140lbs (63.5kg) 5 7/8 Cups (576g)


Weight Control

 Weight of Dog Food per Day
5lbs (2.5kg) 1/2Cups (49g)
10lbs (4.5kg) 7/8 Cups (86g)
20lbs (9.1kg) 1 1/2 Cups (147g)
30lbs (13.6kg) 2 Cups (196g)
40lbs (18.2kg) 2 1/2 Cups (245g)
50lbs (22.7kg) 3 Cups (294g)
60lbs (27.2kg) 3 1/2 Cups (343g)
70lbs (31.8kg) 3 7/8 Cups (380g)
80lbs (36.3kg) 4 1/4 Cups (417g)
90lbs (40.8kg) 4 2/3 Cups (457g)
100lbs (45.4kg) 5 1/8 Cups (502g)
110lbs (49.9kg) 5 1/2 Cups (539g)
120lbs (54.5kg) 5 7/8 Cups (576g)
130lbs (59.0kg) 6 1/2 Cups (637g)
140lbs (63.5kg) 6 3/4 Cups (662g)




Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (min.): 25.0% (min)
Crude Fat (min.): 10.00% (min)
Crude Fiber (max.): 8.0% (max)
Moisture (max.): 10.00% (max)
Omega 3 Fatty Acids (min.): 0.4%
Omega 6 Fatty Acids (min.): 2.4%
Calorie Content: 3,478 kcal/kg; 1,581 kcal/lb; 341 kcal/cup