pidan - NEW! Original Tofu Cat Litter


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For All Life Stage Cats

The combination of two diameters of tofu cat litter clumps faster and more firmly.

Selection of high-quality pea dregs.

  • The raw material of pea dregs is selected from Canada, the leading pea-producing country. The peas will be refined and dried to make the quality.

Scientific proportioning of two diameters of tofu cat litter.

  • 70% 2mm diameter tofu cat litter + 30% 1.5mm diameter tofu cat litter combination, smaller gaps, faster and stronger clumping.

pidan - NEW! Original Tofu Cat Litter

The 70% 2mm diameter tofu cat litter.

  • Sponge-like absorbing power, absorbing water more thoroughly.

pidan | NEW! Original Tofu Cat Litter Toronto | ARMOR THE POOCH


The 30% 1.5mm diameter tofu cat litter.

  • It can fill the gap of 2mm diameter tofu cat litter and dissolve faster and more thoroughly.

Toilet flushable.

  • It dissolves in water, which is convenient and environmentally friendly.

pidan | NEW! Original Tofu Cat Litter | ARMOR THE POOCH


Product parameters

*For more information, please see the back of the package.

*Product weight is the result of sampling; the results are subject to other environmental factors for reference only.

*The shooting environment and the different effects of each monitor may lead to color differences between the picture and the real thing.

Product name: Cat litter tofu mix

Product suitable for cats

Dimension: 2.4 kg / bag

Shelf life: 24 months

Material: Pea dregs, starch, guar gum

Product ratio: 70% tofu litter with 2mm diameter + 30% tofu litter with 1.5mm diameter

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1. Direct exposure to strong light or friction with metal will cause the occult blood test particles to lose the detection effect. Therefore, please avoid using it in the above scenes.

2. The minerals contained in bentonite will also affect the test results. Therefore, this product cannot be used with other types of cat litter.

3. When flushing it down the toilet, the cat litter should not be excessive at once to avoid clogging.

4. Spread the cat litter flat in the cat litter box with a thickness of 3-5 cm. To make the cat have a cleaner toileting experience, it is recommended to clean the cat litter every day.

5. Regarding the bag losing its vacuum: losing vacuum is due to the unavoidable turbulence of the transport and the collision with other packages during transportation, so it is normal. Because the vacuum packaging is for dust removal and convenient placement in the box, it has nothing to do with cat litter. So please rest assured to use it.

6. Regarding color difference: the color of cat litter from different batches may be slightly different, which is normal. Please rest assured to use it.